Join others to create a large floating artwork for the pond. Yes Naturally is looking for self made ‘Articles of Faith’ (Afvalhelden). These are mascots made from discarded materials. All of these creations together will form a floating artwork for the pond of the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag.

Articles of Faith (Afvalhelden)

The Philippine artist-duo Aquilizan have developed the concept, inspired by traditional peoples who tell each other stories and make fetishes to protect the rainforest from destruction. Naturally everyone is invited to participate. Primary schools, sheltered work organisations, art associations and secondary schools! Make an Article of Faith and protect our environment from deforestation, climate change, the deadly hunt for rhinoceros horn, the plastic soup in the sea or other serious environmental threats.
For more information contact joanne[at]
If you’d like to get started with bicycles, water cookers, umbrellas and other discarded items, please do! Articles of Faith can be turned in at GEM between 14:00 and 17:00.

The Gemeentemuseum pond is already 60% full!!

  • APT6 
Installation view

    APT6 Installation view

Step-by-Step Plan for making an Article of Faith

[Download step-by-step plan and list of discarded items]

Step 1:
• Put a box or trash bag especially intended for making an Article of Faith in your home, and for a week or two collect discarded stuff until the box or trash bag is full (see the discarded items list for suitable material). (Parts of) old appliances are perfect.
• You can ask your neighbours or work colleagues to help you save up suitable items, or encourage them to try their hand at this themselves.
• Be sure you have enough material for binding things together, such as bicycle inner tubes cut into strips, string and metal wire.
• Don’t use glue.

Step 2:
• Draw inspiration from internet photos (deforestation, climate change, drought, contaminated land or water).
• Let your imagination loose on your trash and create your personal story as you go.
• Make something that is solid and firmly constructed so that it can withstand weather and wind and remain for a half-year in the pond of the Gemeentemuseum.

Step 3:
• Write down a few lines on paper about what led you to make your Article of Faith.
• Attach this to your artwork. (This will be removed before it joins the artwork on the pond.).

Step 4:
• Put on your best clothes and come to one of the turn-in days to personally deliver your Article of Faith to the GEM.
• We will take a photo of you and your personally created Article of Faith and put this on Yes Naturally’s website for all to admire.