Yes Naturally is an art exhibition at the GEM Museum for Contemporary Art, Fotomuseum and Gemeentemuseum Den Haag raising the fundamental question: What is natural? And who or what decides? International artists present new viewpoints, challenge old patterns and encourage sustainable behavior. Yes Naturally takes an inclusive view and doesn’t distinguish between human, nature and technology. The one runs over into the other. With both liberating and hilarious consquences: design your own housepet, moulds turn out to be your best friends, you can harvest the city and seagulls make for a tasty barbecue. Plus: Facebook is your habitat, internet the new biotope and life without nano particles is unimaginable. Yes Naturally shows how culture and nature merge. The exhibition will go beyond the museum walls. Newly commissioned artworks arise in the museum gardens and around the City. Urban wildlife safari’s, performances, workshops, lectures and debates will take place in different art venues and filmcentra. And Yes Naturally will make its presence felt in social media and digital fora.
Ja Natuurlijk gaat voor verandering van perceptie en mindset.

Yes Naturally is about changing perceptions and mindset

With determination and self-irony visitors can search for new answers to urgent questions. Artistic Director Ine Gevers has selected artists with unusual perspectives to shake us up to look at our old patterns and set perspectives.

Indoors and outdoors

The campaign doesn’t stop at the museum walls. The opposite is true: there are artworks in the museum gardens, around the city, urban wild life safaris, performances, workshops, lectures and debates in art institutes and film houses. And Yes Naturally naturally nestles itself in the social media and online platforms.

Participating artists

Francis Alÿs, Jimmie Durham, Studio DRIFT, Olafur Eliasson, Peter Fend, Fischli & Weiss, Keith Edmier, Marjetica Potrc, Zeger Reyers, Superflex, Ai Weiwei and many others.

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Coalitie voor Ecologische Intelligentie

Yes Naturally is the initiator of the ecological coalition, in collaboration with: Stroom, Next Nature, V2, Volume and Casco.
More information about the coalition will follow as soon as possible.

Meer informatie volgt zo snel mogelijk.

ZomerExpo 2013

Gemeentemuseum Den Haag and Stichting ArtWorlds are organising the third annual ZomerExpo. This is the largest national visual art exhibition put together via an open call for entries.

Established and new artists can register a maximum of three artworks for the exhibition ZomerExpo 2013 Earth. The exhibition will take place during the summer months of 2013 in the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag.

The theme Earth is central to the jury’s selection. How do you see the earth, what does Earth mean to you? Anselm Kiefer made the artwork ‘Heaven and Earth’ in which the definitions of heaven and earth shift. Earth turns and people change along with it as it turns. We are curious about how the theme Earth will be reflected in your work. Naturally the theme Earth of ZomerExpo 2013 dovetails perfectly with the theme of Yes Naturally.

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